Owner Operator Insurance Indianapolis

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Owner Operator Insurance Indianapolis

We offer great rates on Owner Operator Insurance in Indianapolis and throughout the state of Indiana seven days per week! (Including Bobtail and Non-Trucking Liability)

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Pathway Insurance is a leading independent agency offering Owner Operator Insurance in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Alaska.

We insure owner operators who have a spotless record and are looking for the best rates, those who have been canceled for claims, lapses in insurance coverage, Safer violations, and those who have been out of the business for a while and need commercial truck insurance.

Owner Operator Insurance Indianapolis — How to Avoid a Claim Denial!

Many people like to pick on insurance companies assuming they charge too much and don’t pay claims as they occur or not enough.

However Indiana Truck Insurance Companies must abide by the contracts they sign with their customers, if a claim is legitimate it will be paid up to the policy limit. If it’s not legitimate the Indiana Truck Insurance Company has the legal right to refuse to pay.

One of the exceptions to claim payouts comes when an activity is engaged in by the policyholder that is prohibited by the insurance company.

For example: Cary Samson decides he wants to be an owner operator, he goes through trucking school and lands a job with a company that his school set him up with.

Since he’s a new driver he can’t expect to get paid top dollar so he puts in two years ‘of work and then he decides to find a new opportunity.

The company Cary worked for provides him his truck and paid for his insurance.  Now Cary is going to buy his own big rig and finds a used Freight liner for a good deal, next he has to buy insurance and he starts shopping around.

Cary discovers that Owner Operator Insurance in Indiana is quite expensive, in fact far more than what he anticipated but he already purchased his truck.

Cary discovers that some Commercial Truck Insurance Companies in Indiana will offer rates 30% lower if he tells the insurer that his radius of operation is 300 miles versus unlimited mileage.

Cary decides to hedge his bets to lower his rates on truck insurance and he tells the agent he will travel no more than 300 miles.

The agent he gets a quote from his Nelly Naïve, Nelly is a brand-new agent on commissions only and she’s hungry for business, so she notates on the insurance application the 300 mile radius of operation Cary states, despite her woman’s intuition that Cary may not be telling the exact truth to her, but Nelly needs the business and so she submits the application to the insurance company.

This particular insurance company just launched a new commercial lines product so they are also hungry for business and they do not necessarily engage in the same underwriting standards that experienced Indiana Trucking Insurance Companies undertake by running CAB reports and other reports that monitor activity for truck drivers.

Cary thinks nothing of the little white lie he told the insurance company and he is happy that a  policy was issued for Cary Samson at a 30% discount compared to other quotes he received and now he’s in business.

Six months later Cary is involved in an accident with his truck and is deemed to be at fault and there are two fatalities.

Two lawsuits are immediately filed against Cary; does he have anything to worry about?

We will consider that in our next post.

Owner Operator Insurance Indianapolis — Great Deals on Trucking Insurance Call or Click Today!

If you are looking for a great deal on Owner Operator Insurance in Indianapolis you should call Pathway Insurance by dialing 1-800-998-0662 Monday through Friday until 5 PM Central Standard Time.

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