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Owner Operator Insurance Indiana — We Insure Most Truckers!

Owner Operator Insurance Indiana

Need Owner Operator Insurance in Indiana?  If so call the licensed agents of Pathway Insurance toll-free @800-998-0662 Monday through Friday until 5 PM Central Standard Time.

Pathway is a leading insurance broker specializing in the trucking market throughout the country and we offer competitive solutions for new truck drivers, those with multiple claims and accidents, those with lapses in insurance, and the preferred trucker with a completely spotless record over the last five years.

Licensed agents are available seven days per week so if you find our website on a Saturday or Sunday and it’s before 5 PM you can talk to a licensed agent by clicking our chat icon.

There’s one additional way that you can request quotes by using our online rate quote submission system by clicking any of the links below that is closest to your nearby location:

Owner Operator Insurance Indiana — Don’t Try to Trick Insurance Companies, You’ll Regret It!

As one of the most visible agencies online we receive a large number of quote requests for Owner Operator Insurance in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, the state of Maryland, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Alaska.

For the most part those contacting us for Indiana Semi Truck Insurance quotes are up front with their activities, however in some cases we run into a few that are less than forthright and some even try to use deception to obtain lower insurance rates from Indiana Truck Insurance Companies.

Remember the Chiffon Margarine commercial from years ago — you can’t fool Mother Nature?

Well you can’t really fool Indiana Truck Insurance Companies, yet every week we receive quote request from truckers who are trying to do that very thing.

Here’s the end result when truckers don’t tell the whole story, embellish the facts, or make material misrepresentations on their insurance application:

  • Big Rate Increases
  • Cancellations
  • Blacklisting
  • Claim Denials

In almost no situation will it save the trucker money, but it will in fact cause big trouble, take a look at the fictitious claim scenario below.

Indiana Owner Operator Insurance — What Happens When You Get Caught in a Lie to the Insurance Company:

Joe Smith (not his real name) running under the company name XYZ Trucking after having two big claims, three non-pay cancellations and then a subsequent reinstatement gets a notice from his insurance company they are non-renewing his policy because of claim activity.

He shops around and the best rate he can find on Indiana Owner Operator Insurance is three times more than what he was paying before so he gets the bright idea of “closing” his company and opening up under a new LLC.

He heard from a buddy of his that you can get a fresh start by taking this step.  Well Joe pays $500 to his accountant to start up a new company, closes his previous company down and then he start shopping for new Indiana Semi Truck Insurance.

He talks to one agent telling him he’s starting up a new trucking service after previously working for another company for 10 years.

“What your DOT number?” The agent asks. “Oh, let me get back with you” Joe states Joe forgot that he needs to apply for a new DOT number to make his scam complete.  He doesn’t want to give the old DOT number because the jig will be up.

Joe eventually applies for his new DOT and obtains it.

He calls the agent back and provides the DOT number and the agent provides an initial quote to Joe that seems pretty reasonable so he jumps on the chance to lock this rate in, fills out some paperwork, makes a credit card down payment and now Joe is back in business with cheap rates once again for cheap Indiana Semi Truck Insurance, or so he believes.

About seven days later Joe receives a call from the agent who set the new policy up from him telling Joe, “we’ve got a problem.”

“What’s that?” Joe replies.

‘Were you affiliated with XYZ Trucking at any time in the past?”

Joe stutters, “Why do you need to know that?”

“Well you told me you worked as an employee for somebody else before he decided to start your own company, but I got a report here that says that you were the owner of XYZ Trucking, is that true or not?”  The agent stiffly inquires.

“Well may be”.

The agent replies, “Well it looks like you were less than honest with me Joe, now you are going to be canceled and this company has a long memory so I wanted to let you know they have blacklisted you from ever getting insurance with them again, because you lied to them.”

Joe gets busted, blackballed from one company because of trying to pull a fast one on them plus he wasted money setting up a new company all to get Cheap Indiana Semi Truck Insurance.

Joe decides since he can’t find afford the new insurance rates and he sells his truck for a loss and looks for another career opportunity.

It’s not worth it to try to trick insurance companies, they will find out so don’t try it otherwise you might regret it.

In our next post we will discuss the worst case situation — claim denials.  Don’t miss this issue!

Owner Operator Insurance Indiana — Coverage for New and Well-Established Companies.

Pathway offers competitive rates for both new and well-established trucking companies insuring single vehicles or fleets.

Call us toll-free by dialing 800-998-0662 Monday through Friday or if you find your website on the weekend click our chat button if it is activated to speak with a licensed agent on Saturdays and Sundays as well.

In addition you can send us a request for quotes around the clock by clicking or the nearest location:

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