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Owner Operator Insurance Fort Wayne Indiana — Low Rates and Same Day Coverage for Some Truckers

Owner Operator Insurance Fort Wayne IndianaIf you’re looking for low rates on Owner Operator Insurance in Fort Wayne Indiana or the surrounding areas you have found the right place!

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Owner Operator Insurance Fort Wayne Indiana — How to Avoid a Claim Denial Part Two!

In our previous article we learned about Cary Samson, a trucker with two years of experience venturing out on his own by purchasing his own big rig. Cary, shocked at how much commercial truck insurance costs decides to fudge his radius of operation from unlimited miles down to 300 miles.

Cary have previously obtained quotes from other agents correctly indicating that his mileage should be unlimited because he may travel from Indiana to San Diego California one week, and then down to Miami Florida the next.

Cary simply did not want to pay the extra 30% in premiums he was going to be charged and so he lied.

In his mind Cary was willing to tell a small white lie to get a better deal on his insurance so he signed an application indicating that his maximum radius of operation was 300 miles.

There’s only one small problem with his fabrication of his true radius of operation, it leads to a claim denial!

If you recall Cary was involved in a serious accident six months later with his truck in which he was found to be liable. Cary was promptly sued; his insurance company investigated and within two weeks he receives a letter stating that his insurance company is reserving the right to refuse to cover the claim due to a misrepresentation on his application.

The insurance company cites the legal clause within the policy that gives them the right to deny claims when a material misrepresentation is made on the application and the insurance attorney specifies the falsified radius of operation as justification for denying the claim.

Cary is in serious financial jeopardy because of telling what he considered to be a small white lie.

What is the moral of this fictitious story? Do not provide false information to insurance companies! They have the legal right to deny claims or rescind policies from their inception as if they never existed.

Insurance companies have the legal right to take these steps when policyholders do not tell them the truth.

If not, we would all pay significantly more money for insurance if the courts allow policyholders to pull tricks and deceive insurance companies.

Keep that in mind as you are shopping for trucking insurance.

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