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Indiana Tow Truck Insurance If you’re looking for the lowest rates available in your area on Tow Truck Insurance in Indiana or Garage Insurance in Indiana you have found the right company!

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Pathway Insurance is a leading independent agency offering Garage and Tow Truck Insurance in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, the state of Maryland, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Alaska.

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As an agency, we like to use coverage, policy, and claims scenarios as teaching tools to help Garage and Tow Truck Owners avoid making mistakes that can cost you big bucks financially.

We also developed a number of educational videos that likewise help out in a future article we will share a few of those videos.

Let’s get right into the fictitious account of “Tricky” Ricky Henderson.

Indiana Tow Truck Insurance — Avoid Using Creative Ways to Buy Tow Truck Insurance Part 1

“Tricky” Ricky Henderson decides to start a tow truck company called Tricked Out Towing with his younger brother Sammy. “Tricky” Ricky thinks he can carve out a towing niche of transporting cars that have been wrecked in drag races or had their engines blown.

“Tricky” Ricky and Sammy found an older Ford F150 converted into a wrecker on craigslist and they shelled out $1000 total or $500 each.

Sammy is the mechanic in the family and he gets the wrecker back in driving shape after a few hundred dollar investment in parts and of course, he throws in the labor for free.

Sammy tells his brother “Tricky” Ricky to make sure that he calls to get insurance for the wrecker.

“Tricky” Ricky makes a few phone calls on Monday and gets price quotes ranging anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000 per year for liability only on a truck that’s 25 years old.

He tells his brother Sammy how much it will cost and Sammy tells “Tricky” Ricky, that’s too much money for insurance and he is out of their partnership.

The real reason Sammy quit is that he regretted going into business with his brother in the first place- sure he loves his big brother “Tricky” Ricky but he knows that it’s likely that the business will go nowhere fast.

“Tricky” Ricky is a big talker, but a small thinker and has tried a dozen or so money-making schemes to have them blow up in his face, so Sammy decides it’s better to bail out now versus regretting doing it later.

So he tells his big brother he is out and he doesn’t have to pay back the money they spent on the wrecker they bought together so Sammy signs away his half interest in their joint $1000 investment in the used wrecker.

“Tricky” Ricky is in a bit of a predicament. The insurance is going to cost him anywhere from 2-7 times more than he paid for the truck and he can’t afford that. “Tricky” Ricky had no idea it would cost so much for commercial insurance so he comes up with plan B.

In our next article, we will learn what “Tricky” Ricky’s plan B purports to be.

Tow Truck Insurance Indiana — No Tricks, Lies or Flim Flams.

Here at Pathway, we don’t use tricks, tell lies, or try to pull fast ones on customers or insurance companies to earn your business.

We offer Indiana Tow Truck Insurance the old-fashioned way, we tell the truth and help you obtain the insurance you need to keep your business running.

Call and speak with one of our licensed representatives right now by dialing 1-800-998-0662 through the week or if you find our website on the weekend click on our chat button to speak with a licensed agent right now. (Up until 5 PM central standard time)

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