Truck Insurance Indiana

Truck Insurance Indiana

If you’re looking for great rates and coverage on Truck Insurance in Indiana or in any of the other 49 states you have found one of the best places to be!

Pathway Insurance is a leading independent insurance broker offering great rates and service seven days per week for Commercial Truck Insurance in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, the state of Maryland, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Alaska directly and through agent referrals in the remaining states.

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Truck Insurance Indiana — Why Choose Your Agency Carefully?

Purchasing your business insurance from the right agency is almost as important as purchasing it from the right Indiana Truck Insurance Company.

Why? There are several reasons.

 First — it’s important to purchase your protection from an agency that understands the intricacies of Commercial Trucking Insurance.

Example A: one recent new client we will call “Joe” purchased Bobtail Insurance from our agency after receiving inaccurate information from a competing agency who erroneously quoted a primary liability insurance policy for owner operators when the customer stated they only needed Bobtail Insurance.

This misinformed agent continue to insist that “Joe” needed primary liability insurance for owner operators when he knew based on his years of experience in the business that that he only needed Indiana Bobtail Insurance.

That particular agent was trying to sell “Joe” a primary liability policy for $33,000 per year when all that was necessary was a simple Indiana Bobtail Insurance Policy.

Discerning that this agent did not know what they were talking about he called us and within three minutes we secured the Indiana Bobtail Insurance he needed.

Example B: one business owner we will call “Bob” called our agency requesting quotes for his car hauling business. After reviewing the quotes our agent discovered that we could not come close to beating their current rates. (We do not lose on price to competitors for Hotshot Insurance in Indiana)

Detecting something was amiss our agent requested “Bob” to send copies of his declaration page so we could evaluate them for accuracy.  Upon further review we discovered that his existing agent failed to include cargo coverage.

“Bob” on average transports over $200,000 of cargo at any one time for his business. Our agent advised “Bob” that he needs to contact the agent because this important coverage is missing from his policy.

Our agent pointed out on his declaration page where cargo coverage should be listed (it is a company we also represent) but was missing from his policy.

“Bob” contacted his current agent to find out why cargo coverage was missing from his policy. 

This particular agent assured “Bob” that he has cargo coverage but as we pointed out to “Bob” previously it was clearly missing from his declaration page.

If Cargo coverage is included on an Indiana Hotshot Insurance declaration page it will be indicated with a premium.

Because we represent the same company “Bob” is insured with we are naturally familiar with their coverage forms yet “Bob’s” agent continued to insist he had coverage for cargo when it was clearly absent from his declaration page.

Our agent explained to “Bob” he needs to have his agent put it in writing that he is covered for cargo coverage and if he writes out a letter to that effect — he would be covered by his agent’s professional liability insurance (if they have it) but it would require “Bob” to sue his agent for professional negligence for not securing the necessary coverage.

Unfortunately if “Bob” has a cargo claim he will learn the hard way that his agent either: lied to him, or was seriously incompetent and will need to sue his agent to get his cargo claim settled.

Second — it’s important to work with an agency that doesn’t give you the runaround.

Example A: “Pete” owns a trucking company and he contacted our company simply because he hates his insurance agent!  “Pete” explained to one of her agents that every time he calls the office he gets connected to voicemail and when the agents finally calls him back it takes 1-2 days for a certificate of insurance.

Our agent assured “Pete” it doesn’t take 1-2 days to obtain certificates of insurance from the company he was insured with it should only take 5-10 minutes!

“Pete” immediately signed up with our agency. 

We guarantee certificates of insurance to be provided in minutes, not days with most of the companies we represent, 7 days per week.

So if you need Owner Operator Insurance in Indiana you can be assured you will receive a superior level of service from our agency!

Truck Insurance Indiana — Working with an Honest Agent Is Critical.

 There are a number of insurance agents that sell Commercial Truck Insurance in Indiana and while it is true that the majority of agents offering commercial insurance do so in a fair unbiased way, we have discovered some agents do not play by ethical rules when selling truck insurance.

Example A: “Benny” was canceled by his current insurance company and he contacted our agency for alternative insurance quotes, we found him the coverage he needed to keep his business operating.

12 months later another agency contacted “Benny” to let him know he could save him money on his Indiana Owner Operator Insurance. “Benny” told the agent it was acceptable for them to provide quotes and they did so.

At the same time this new agent sent our client “Benny” an agent of record form and did not disclose the purpose of the form to “Benny”. (That he would automatically switch his insurance to this new agency)

Our agency discovered this “bait and switch” when we needed to make a change on his policy and discovered that we were no longer the agent of record.

We contacted “Benny” and he had no idea that he had actually changed agencies which he did not want to do, so we had to send a new agent of record to “Benny” to rescind the previous agent of record.

A sneaky tactic some competing agencies take is to disguise the fact they are sending an agent a record form for quotes when in fact they are simply trying to steal business from other agents.

This is dishonest and most certainly an unethical business practice that goes on in the Indiana Truck Insurance Market.

If an agent needs to trick you into acquiring your business, what other tricks do they have up their sleeve that they may pull on you as the policyholder?

While it is true we make use of agent of record forms for policyholders who no longer want their current agent to care for their insurance needs, we always explain this up front and do not send agent of record forms to acquire customer business using sneaky unethical methods to do so, pretending to do quotes when their only objective is to steal business.

You can count on Pathway Insurance to be honest and ethical never resorting to dirty tricks to earn business.

Please contact us by dialing 1-800-998-0662 through the normal work week of Monday through Friday or use our chat system on the weekend or send us a request for quotes 24 hours per day by clicking any of the links below:

Truck Insurance Indiana — Don’t Take Shortcuts!

Taking a shortcut when traveling to a destination may save you time, however taking a shortcut on your Commercial Truck Insurance in Indiana may get you into hot water financially!

Example: Sunny Jones owns Big Sunny Movers and Sunny owns one moving truck he has insured with a national company including coverage for cargo. Just like airlines overbook flights upon occasion Sunny `overbooks moving jobs which makes it necessary for him to rent a truck from U-Haul to move his customer’s contents.

There’s only one small problem when Sunny rents a truck from his local U-Haul, he has never informed his Indiana Moving Truck Insurance Company that he’s renting trucks and because he offers services across state line. Sunny is required to carry certain federal filings for his moving company.

One day Sunny books a customer moving to Wisconsin and he hires a driver he finds on Craigslist, some of the items were damaged in the move, Sunny conveniently ducks the complaint calls and the customer writes a bad review on all major review sites including the BBB.

Sunny’s Insurance Company learns he is renting trucks without disclosing said trucks on his Indiana Moving Truck Insurance Policy and they promptly canceled the policy for Big Sunny Movers.

Sunny calls around and finds another company willing to insure him.  Sunny promises that he will not do the same thing he is done before resulting this cancellation.

Naturally Sunny has no intention to follow the insurance company rules so once again he is canceled.

He contacts another insurance company and they agree to insure him, the premium is two times more than before, plus he needs to provide a $10,000 security deposit.

Sunny just can’t get his lying ways out of his heart and is once again renting U-Haul trucks without disclosing this to the insurance company. Naturally the insurer finds out, Sunny losses his deposit and is cancelled.

Sunny after losing his insurance operates for a while without insurance until the Department of Transportation revokes his authority and Sunny is forced to close his business because he simply could not follow company rules, Sunny’s shortcut cost him his business.

The example of Sunny Jones is fictitious naturally but the events are based on a real life situation – the names have been changed and some of the circumstances but what is written above really did happen.

If you own commercial trucks what lesson can you draw from this?

Indiana Truck Insurance Companies are smarter than you think. Don’t take shortcuts on your insurance otherwise it will come back to haunt you later.

Indiana Truck Insurance — Choose Pathway if You Want Better Options.

 Indiana Trucking Insurance is certainly much more complicated than you might imagine. It’s super easy to make a mistake on your business insurance and for that reason we have created a number of helpful how to videos to keep you apprised of circumstances and situations you might face that can lead to significant rate increases, cancellations, declinations of coverage, or even claim denials.

Below are a few examples of the videos we created. Take a few moments to watch a video of that may be of interest to you and if you have questions call our office:

Why not be insured with the ethical insurance team?

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We at Pathway offer very competitive rates across United States for a variety of different trucking operations that include Tow Truck Insurance in Indiana, Owner Operator Insurance in Indiana, Bobtail Insurance in Indiana, Dump Truck Insurance in Indiana, Hot Shot Insurance in Indiana, Taxi Insurance in Indiana, Non Medical Emergency Transportation Insurance in Indiana, and Hazmat Insurance Indiana plus much more.

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